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Our Story

Hi, my name is Lauren and i am the owner of Little Loves. 

I have two daughters, aged five and one, and have been lucky enough to have been a stay at home parent for the past six year. Prior to this, i was a primary school teacher, a job which i loved however, the opportunity to be at home was one I did not want to miss!


My vision for Little Loves came together after many years of enjoyment firstly, from buying beautiful clothing  for my own children, i became a bit addicted due to the many wonderful clothing items, designs and patterns there are out there to choose from.


Secondly, as my first daughter grew out of many of her clothes, i began discovering the world of second hand selling, and the process of recycling these items, in which to pass on and sell on to others. I attended many of these sales, buying and also selling my own clothes and through doing so, developed a real passion and enjoyment for all things children's clothing!


In a world where everything is increasing in price, the idea of buying and recycling clothing seems more apparent than ever. I therefore hope by creating Little Loves, i can encourage more people to see the benefits of recycling their little ones clothing, and to provide parents and guardians with affordable but high quality clothing products in which to support sustainability. As we all know our children grow up so so quickly, and they are not in their clothes for very long! 


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